Many sites offer reproduction stickers in a variety of ways. Some have pre-cut, some are not, and most are reproduction stickers from original toys. D&J Toys are offering something different. We are offering you not just some stock sheets that we've already put together, but you can also request special sheets as well.

Prices for these items will range and we will contact you with further details. To get an idea on price, you will be charged $.13 per square inch for the custom sheets if you provide the art. For an example, a 4" x 6" sheet would cost $3.12. You multiply the width and height of the sheet then multiply by $.13 to get your cost. We will contact you however so you do not actually have to sit there with a calculator unless you are trying to keep things under a certain price. For the Custom Sheet without art provided, cost is $.25 per square inch.

These sheets are uncut. You will have to use an exacto knife or some other cutting tool to cut out the stickers. Many people like this option due to the ability to custom fit the sticker wherever and however they want. These stickers are on a nice heavy stock material that will hold up just as good, if not better, than all factory made stickers. They are on a white background.

To order custom stickers that are not stock designs, just check which option you are wanting in the are provided. In your contact information where further notes are indicated, just put a small description about your request and the size. We will contact you back with your price and an email address to send your image.


Thank You For Your Order